About Us

At Republic Property Tax (RPT), our primary mission is for our clients to realize appropriate tax savings by insuring that their Houston property tax is assessed at a fair amount. We accomplish this goal by advocacy and using generally accepted appraisal techniques to gather information so that it can be provided to the county appraisal district and be considered during the appeals process.

In fulfilling our purpose, we have set the following professional goals to help us keep focused on our mission and service to our clients.

Complete Professional Service
As your property tax representatives, we will provide you with the most comprehensive services. We will deliver these services with the utmost integrity, transparency, and professionalism throughout the entire process. We don’t benefit if you don’t benefit.

Accessibility and Communication
We have a web-based client care system which allows you to see the status of your case and create reports that are customized to your needs. It allows you to communicate with our team at any time and download important information about your property or real estate values, along with other appeals and tax information.

Involvement in the Community
Our firm actively looks for community involvement opportunities and is constantly cultivating relationships with community leaders and institutions which benefit both our clients and our firm.

RPT is very results oriented and we strive for visible results which we measure by increased returns on your investments through significant tax savings. We can also help reduce future legal expenses by ensuring current property tax compliance. We can increase efficiency with your property by providing full service tax management and keep you from making expensive mistakes by identifying tax implications with potential purchases.

If you feel that you are paying too much for your Houston property taxes, let the experts at Republic Property Tax help you with your property tax appeal. Contact us today. There is nothing to lose by consulting us; there is plenty to lose by doing nothing.